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Friday, January 30, 2009

memories of 2008

A year has passed since i moved to a new school to teach. It's been a year since I was separated from my husband as he couldn't get his transfer. He has been travelling from his place to mine (about 6 hours drive) almost every weekend possible. Very frustrating indeed that he still could not get transfered up to this moment.

The year 2008 has left me and my family with a series of unforgettable events. January 2008, I was posted to a school which is about 20 minutes drive from my family home. I found out the school is just perfect for a simple teacher like myself.

February 2008: I celebrated my birthday without my husband. But the weekend that followed he came just for me. How sweet.

March 2008: I found out that I'm pregnant with the 3rd child. So unexpected. But we accepted it with an open mind and great expectation.

June 2008: My brother, Henry, wedding reception.

July 2008: I sent my brother, Noel, to the airport. He's studying in a college in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

August 2008: Elvina, my new niece was born.

September 2008: We learnt about Noel's admittance to the hospital in Seremban due to motorcycle accident. My mum got so worried. Before this, my mum had dreamed that Noel is dead but we refused to believe it. We sent mum and dad to Seremban. Noel was in a comma since his admittance. We organised a rosary prayer for him at our residence while waiting for him to recover. But God loves him more. On the 10th of September 2008, Noel was taken from us. May he rest in peace.

November 2008: Little Ezra was born.

December 2008: Another wedding: my brother, Gilbert.


  1. Dearest Betty, I'm so sorry, I didnt knw wht happened to ur late brother. My prayers r wth him. It's really great to get in touch through blogs kan :) P/s: I hope Farouq is better now frm his accident. Take care dear..XOXO


  2. thanx's part and parcel of life. we get some we lose some. we're better now.