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Friday, January 30, 2009

A new beginning

Well, looks like i've turned a new leaf today by creating my own blog and started writing which i'm not very good really. But maybe it's time for me to learn to write as i am an educator and i always teach my students to write. Being a writer myself will help me in my language fluency and later on enhancing my ability to think and write in English language. Hmm.. I am an English language teacher but i don't speak the language much at home.

But with me being an English teacher, so too my husband, so it is just right to speak to my children in English. So that when they go to school people will not look down on them and say huh...'mother and father are english teachers but the children are poor in the language.' It's not that we think too much of what other people say but I think it will help my children to learn the language easily in the future. So, I and my husband try to teach our children to speak standard English with sabahan accent.

And i found out that many people in Sabah especially are doing the same. I mean speaking english to their children. it's the current trend and i think it is good.

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