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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Before Babad

A hectic day today. From early morning till now (11pm) my family and relatives are busy with my brother's wedding reception tomorrow. My mum and her friends were busy cooking and preparing the 'kolopis' while the guys chopped the meat. Others were busy decorating the whole place. It really is great to have relatives who are helpful. Hope tomorrow the reception or 'babad' will be a success. We hope for a good weather. Today is quite cool. Was raining late afternoon and early evening. So, just hope tomorrow will not rain. Have to get ready for the party then. I will be inside with my children. Can't really do much as Ezra will be needing me most of the time. Knowing my husband will be very busy with people tomorrow, I'll have to keep watch to Raul and Lisa as well.

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