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Sunday, February 1, 2009


The PPSMI or the teaching of mathematics and science in english has been debated since it first started. Personally, i think it is a good programme. Honestly, as an English teacher, I found out the students of the product are better and fluent in English. And their results are better actually in terms of all the other subjects. They are more creative in thinking too. Yes, of course there are many students who are weak in the language therefore their results were poor but it is not the programme itself that is in fault here. It is the implementation stage. Are the teachers using the language fluently in class? What about the environment? Does it support the learning? All these should be taken into consideration before saying the programme is unsuccessful.

Many people also think that the more children learn english in malaysia, the more insignificant malay language or their mother tongue would be. I disagree with this. I teach my children only English at first, but now they can speak fluently in english and also in malay. They pick up the malay language fast because my mother and father who take care of them in the morning speak malay to them. And they have cousins who speak only malay. They acquire the language fast. This will be their advantage.

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