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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kudat Getaway

Hi ya I'm back from Kudat just yesterday. Been there for a weekend getaway with my kidz and hubby. Well, it's unplanned. Hubby has a school obligation there. I and kids of course just want to relax and unwind while not being away from hubby. We've been separated for almost a semester now. So, why not?
We wanted to stay in a cheap hotel but couldn't find one which attract us. so, we asked the Ria Hotel for a room and they only have suite for RM200++ for a nite. Yayyy! Don't think so. At last we checked in at the Kudat Golf and Marina Resort which is only RM150 per nite including breakfast for two and the view is amazing, spectacular. See for yourself:

isnt it the most amazing view to feast your eyes with when you wake up from your snooze? We really love it. Love the stay. The room - ok, comfortable enough.

Kidz enjoyed the stay too.

Ezra is practising his posture, finding the right way to sit down. Hmmm...He's grown up now.

Would love to come back again. We did go to the tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau.But it was really burning hot! The view is amazing though. Will upload the view next. :-)


  1. How I miss the cold breeze at the marina :) my last stay thr was way back in 2007..I shd pay the resort a visit la... Raul is all grown up la Tiee!

  2. Yalah fil. Makin besar durang makin pening kepala ini. So demanding and fussy. Haha...But can't imagine life without them anymore.

  3. Eiii best betul pegi jalan2..wish i can do that.Ezra looks so cute and chubby..akan ku gigit pipi itu..ur kids are so cute betty.u and farouq must be so proud!

  4. hehe...tq doria. I dont think Ezra will like to be pinched. He cries a lot now...huh...very challenging.