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Monday, June 1, 2009


Read in the paper today that a chinese jogger has become victim of a hit-and-run incident while he was jogging down the penampang-papar road. that's really tragic and sad. I dont understand how the driver could have just knocked him down and sped off without even helping the poor man. Who knows, the old jogger might be able to live now if the driver would be so kind to send him to the hospital? I dont understand how the driver could have leave him there to die alone! Can he live with the guilt? I know i cant!


  1. that is a sad thing to hear.. how the parents feel.. is indeed disheartening..

  2. Hello Tiee, hope they catch that driver and nail him. Its already sad and bad to cause a death, but to run away?
    Could be the driver talking on his handphone not noticing the jogger.
    You stay out of harms way, and keep well. Best regards, Lee.

  3. Yes, I could not! That's why I sent the guy I knocked down to the hospital and had to spend a night at the police lock-up. Anyway I'm glad that episode of my life is over. And a lot of thanks to my wife who prayed for me, and all of the others who did too. Glad to know that the deceased's family was very forgiving.