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Friday, January 30, 2009

Big backside pampers

I've been using cloth diapers for Lisa (2yrs 4mths) at night and it's been really great. I've managed to reduce the bulk of my garbage each week. Sometimes I have leak problems but it's ok. She did not wet the whole bed. I even put my eldest son, Raul on cloth diaper at night.

My problem is they look bulky. I wonder if they feel comfortable wearing them. Now they name it the 'big backside pampers' as their backsides look big in them. Hmmm....must try to make it more comfortable for them. Maybe it's the type of inserts i put in the pocket diapers. But to buy them is quite expensive. I know have only 6 pocket diapers and 1 training pant. It's not enough for 3 kids but i am slowly building my stash. Not cheap oh...

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