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Friday, February 13, 2009

Keningau getaway.

In hotel Juta Keningau at the moment. The room is quite spacious. But the furnitures need to be replaced. My children are very happy in the room, jumping and rolling up and down the bed. They used the sliding wardrobe door as their imaginary lift. Kids, they are very imaginative. They even swam in the bathtub. But they forget to bring the rubber duckies.

The journey was a smooth one. We managed to climb up the hills to keningau. Was holding my breath most of the time.:) Not bad at all. Bravo to my small viva. It took us about 45 minutes to reach keningau. Now, i will worry about the drive back to papar. It'll be a taxing job to avoid damaging the brake as the journey will take us downhill most of the time.

Haven't been to Keningau for some time now. Many changes have taken place. There's a new servay hypermart and a bigger hiap lee supermarket. However, the town is not planned properly. Very confusing and too many roundabouts. It feels crowded and disorganised.

Our problem here is to find the best place to eat. Where to eat ah? We spent half an hour or more just went round and round to find a place to have dinner. Luckily we found a restaurant which serves great tasting bak kut teh. What's the name of the restaurant ah? I forget lah. But it's near to the Grand Hotel 2 and Royal Hotel. I'm satisfied with dinner. My children enjoyed it too. Except for the little one of course. Ezra slept throughout the entire meal. Lucky for me.

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