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Monday, February 2, 2009

My three angels

Let me introduce my three angels.
This is Raul. Born on 21st February 2005. Now he is almost 4 yrs old. He is sometimes serious, playful and very curious most of the time. He is very talkative and has lots of questions to ask everytime. But he is also very shy when around strangers. Very choosy and fussy when it comes to friends and food. More of a bread person.

Here is Lisa. Born on 16th September 2006. She's the biggest in the family. Born at 3.7kg! She's now 2 yrs 4mths. But she can talk just like the brother. She's cuddly, playful and cheerful. But lately she cries a lot but I think she's just seeking attention. She loves to eat especially porridge, rice, noodles and fruits.

And of course, the little baby, Ezra, who is now almost 3 months. Born on 7th November 2008. At the moment, the only thing that I can tell about him is, he is quite friendly, smiles and cooes a lot. Can't say much except he's been vomiting a lot these days. Hmmm...maybe overfeeding? He tries to suck his fingers but still haven't managed to do it right.

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