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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poo poo episod

Lisa has rashes on her backside. I'm not sure whether it's due to the cloth diapers or the disposable ones. It's really difficult to wash her as she'll scream out loud in pain. I put calamine lotion but i think it needs at least a few days to clear off. Pity her.

So the whole day she's not wearing any diapers and guess what...She would pee anywhere she liked. God! She would not tell anyone that she had wetted herself! Been asking her if she wants to go to the toilet to pee but she said 'not yet'. When you are not paying attention, there she goes. Watering the floor!

And the worst part was, when she pooed on the carpet! She and Raul even laughed at the poo poo! Luckily, it was like a goat's poo. Easy to clean. I'm not mad because she did it. I'm crossed because she didn't even tell me or showed any signs that she wanted to do it. I'm waiting for the day that she'll get over these episods. Seems a long way to go. So now. I keep getting mad at her trying so much to understand and be patient but just not easy.

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