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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

I'm back but with nothing to write. It's been raining since late evening today. I hope it'll stop soon. I hate driving to my school at 6am when it rains. I think i have blurred vision especially when it's dark.

My husband was involved in a small accident two days ago. He has cuts and scratches on his elbows, hands and knees. I feel bad I can't be with him to help him clean up all the wounds. And worst, today he fell down from his motorbike again. He said the road was slippery as it has been raining for a while now and the car in front of him suddenly stopped. I think this is a bad week for him and he is away from all of us. I hope he'll recover soon.

Rain...rain...go away. Come again another day..Maybe a few more days or weeks. Or maybe...but it'll be too hot then. Hmm...

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