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Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 1

Now, it's been almost 3 months since Ezra was delivered. And I'm still 6kg more than I was before my pregnancy. It's been very difficult to shed the few extra kilos.
I promised myself to start going to the gym again but to no avail. It's difficult to leave my children after work as I have no maid to attend to their needs.
I promised myself to go hill-climbing every day but that too is just a wish never come true. I did go but just for once in a while. It's been raining almost every day!!
So, I think the best way is to start discipline myself and exercise at home with a few equipments that I have. I'm sure it'll be very slow and difficult, what with the children constantly demanding your attention. But there's no way out. That's the only solution at the moment. Maybe when the weather is better I'll start going outdoor.
Hmm.. so this is my starting point. Today I weigh about 59kg. So, let's see what it'll be next week. I'm planning to shed 2kg before the 14th of Feb. 2009. My brother is getting married so I need to look good for the pictures...hahah..Wish me luck...

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