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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ezra on the go!

Ezra is 4 months plus now. almost to his 5th month and he's already balancing himself on four, getting ready to crawl or sit down maybe. Now it's not easy to care for him anymore. in no time at all he'll be everywhere in the house, picking up everything, even the tiniest thing and put them to his mouth. If only the house is made up of food. Then we don't have to worry. But the house is full of dirts and dusts. Huh...

The most frightening thing happened today. He fell down from the bed. Owhhh, it must have hurt. I almost, almost catch him but he's too fast. Luckily, nothing major. He's okay now. Hmm...have to keep an eye on him everytime now. This is just the first. People say, when your baby falls for the first time, it's just the beginning of many more to come. Huahhh...scary indeed.


  1. Aiyaah! Dia jatuh ka? Kasiaaan, harap tidak juga teruk lah. Allah berkati dia, dan kamu semua.

  2. He's ok. don't worry. nangis sikit ja lah. Thanx.