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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Been away from school today. Woke up late and found out I've got a migrain. So, just relaxing at home and of course couldn't keep away from fb and my blog. :)

Went to the clinic late morning to get my sick cert. Gosh! migrain medicine is soooo expensive. Anyhow, i'm still happy cos today is pay day. So, finally, i'm not broke. Never able to manage my finances well. huh...need to change that.

When i looked around me, i saw toys everywhere. The kids! How many times do I have to tell them to keep their toys when they don't want to play anymore? Sometimes I wonder why I bought all the toys for them? They don't really appreciate them. But then again, kids are not complete without toys. Help them to be creative and adventurous. I thought toys are supposed to help you babysit the kids better, but on the other hand, having toys add up to the emotional turmoils that parents are already facing. We have to constantly remind them to keep them and take good care of the toys. And most of the time we end up keeping all the toys ourselves! I think no more toys for them. They have enough already. Should buy more books or something educational now.

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