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Monday, March 23, 2009

Week...? Delayed entry.

guess it's just really difficult to motivate myself to do exercise, what more doing it. Huh...Now what? But at least I weigh a kilo less than before. I wish myself to be anorexic but that's even more difficult to achieve :) The recent school break didn't do me good as well. My stay in my in-laws' place has been very 'filling'. Like a 'karipap' stuffed with chunks of potatoes... ow i feel so fat.

But i guess it kinda balanced as well cos to get to my in-laws' flat, we had to climb up to the third floor. And, I had to wash our clothes manually! So, i get to exercise my lower half and upper half. But the middle part which looks like a sack (previously used to store babies!) still sag and looks ugly. Sit ups just so not tempting...


  1. let's look at it this way betty, at least your in-laws adore you and love you to bits!! that's gotta be a great thing.

  2. just like u..i hv been struggling with my weight ever since..hai..luckily i managed to lose about 8kg after the terrible series of miscarriages..sigh..poor come some people eat like a horse and still look gorgeous?wonder why??

  3. thnx peng2. Yea dor, i'm so jealous of those people who always manage to look good no matter how much they eat. kudos 4 u for losing 8kg. i did gain and lose the fat but it's been a struggle. Now after the 3rd baby, it's just a wish...hehe...but who knows i might gain my momentum again...