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Monday, March 23, 2009

Travelling with the kids

Amazingly, the trip to kl was ok. The two rascals plus the baby behaved well. Raul was all the time describing all the things he could see out of the window while Lisa tried to get comfy. And they read the magazine and the safety card! Raul even can understand the steps to buckle up his seatbelt. And browsing through the pictures inside the Going Places magazine. Woww...Ezra was sleeping all the time except for a moment or two.

The real difficult time was when it's eating time. Hmm...I think I need more than two hands. My hubby couldn't do much cos he helped me carry Ezra while I attended to the two kiddies. Not to mention my own food. But we managed.

The coming back time was great. We checked in early in KLIA and the kids got to play in the model plane, having a whale of a time.

by the way, that's Lisa showing her backside..:)

It's great for them and for the parents too. So, the waiting time was not so boring. I wish I could take more photos but sad to say, my camera was stolen two years ago and since then, I used my N73 but now, the phone is a pain to use specially the camera..something is wrong here...

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