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Friday, March 27, 2009

No hair wash pls!

Washed Raul's and Lisa's hair today and guess what? They both screamed and cried, tried to run away so I had to grab them and made myself wet as well. I don't understand why they hate washing hair so much. I have no choice but to force them cos it's been 2 weeks since they had their hair washed! Well, I can understand Raul's fear of hair-washing episode as he is so scared of the water. When we go to the beach he'll not want to swim; make sand castles all the time.
But Lisa, on the other hand, is like a fish. She belongs to the ocean. Never want to be out of the water. Happily splashing and 'swimming' without a care. But when it comes to bath time, she'll refuse to wash her hair. In the end we both will be wet. How ironic? Here are some of the pics taken on our last outing (last year)

Need to do this more. But being away from hubby is a factor for not going out and be lazy at home. It's like another half of me is not here anymore. I'm only active and on the go when hubby is around. So, being married doesn't necesarily mean we're not free. It depends on who you marry and how you want that relationship to be. So, i don't really agree with most people when they say that an advantage of being single is you are free to do anything you like and be whatever you want to be. Sorry.

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