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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HI ya!!! I'm Back.

Hello everyone..I'm back after going MIA for almost a week now. Been too busy lately with my debate team and doing all the spm analysis and all.My internet connection also was disrupted due to some wiring problem in my area. Need to get celcom broadband instead. But still in contract for a year with streamyx. So, just be patient for the time being.

I have to take charge of the school choir soon. Next monday is the meeting to choose the competition's date. It's funny really, I have to train the non-musical group of students and turn them into singing group in just a couple of weeks when I myself am not really sure of the different voices a choir should have..It's a choir competition for God sake. But the principal has already put down my name as the teacher in charge. Well, let just have fun competing with the mission schools which clearly have musical knowledge. What to do with the voicing? LOL!!!

And in respond to miss mathew and peng2 tags, this is what I can come up with. As I mentioned earlier, my N73's camera isn't working and my NIKON digital camera was stolen two years ago, so I have to use the kids digital camera which my hubby bought in toys'r'us store! Hahah...That explains the poor quality of these pics.
So here goes, my wallet on the outside...

I bought this last year I don't recall the date but the store is the House of Leather in centre point KK. The price...RM74.90 after discount. The brand? Hehe...i'm not sure but it's princess or something. My God..I don't care, I just know that I like the colour and the simple decoration as seen below.

The inside, this is the best shot I can take considering the camera is actually for kids. All my credit cards, IC, members / priviledge cards and bank cards.

Now that I've done it, I'm supposed to tag 7 people? Where can I get those people? Everyone I know whose blogs I visited are tagged by miss mathew and peng2. Doria didn't tag anyone. So, I follow her example lo...:P or I can tag you people back...:-)


  1. Wow! D music maestro? I knw u'l pull somthng off..u always do :) remember our so-called choir competition during SASAG long time ago? lol! U were d 1 who got d team together! & we won..3rd ka tu?

  2. hehe fil...we were great last time. But that was us. it's different. my students are just...well, i'll update later. still searching for a song. other schools have started practising!

  3. choir ah??wah seh..u must be good in singing..

  4. a little bit.(really?) my passion. love singing very much. but choir? with kids who do not have musical background is really hard.