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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth hour 2009. I was dissappointed by some of older generation in my area as they are ignorant of the importance of the campaign. I went to my nephew's full moon party on that 28th March. When the clock striked 8.30pm we reminded the host (who is my bro's in-law)to switch off some of the lights. Guess what? A young boy switched the lights off just to be told to turn them on again after just two minutes! By the older folks. The host even said that 'if you want to support this campaign it's up to you. But I don't care.' Hmm...I was speechless. We are told to respect the elders. So, we (my family and relatives - who were there as guests) can't say much in reply to that. We have done our part by reminding them.

At 9pm I brought my kids back home. Celebrating the 'blast off' ourselves. My eldest son Raul kept asking why the lights were off and requested to turn them on. I told him to save the earth ( which I think he's having problem understanding as he is only 4) and it's too hot, let us cool down a while. Luckily he didn't go into tantrums as he always do when he can't get his way.

On my way back, I've noticed not many people in the village participated in the campaign. But I'm glad that my nearby neighbours did turn off their lights. My sister in MRSM Kinarut sent an SMS saying *Happy Earth HOur. Blast OFF.* MRSM plunged into darkness. My students on Monday told me that they did participate in turning off the lights and aware of its importance. Well, that's great to know.


  1. These people lack of education. They also don't bother to read the newspaper. Just look at how kampung folks burn rubbish. In the past it was okay as houses were far apart. Now, we have houses so close to each other and you have these kampung people polluting the air. Only education can change us. But then again for some kampung folks, money is more important. I know of some of them who refused to send their children for higher education, as they thought that planting crops would be more beneficial!

  2. Yep. u r rite. It is really frustrating indeed.