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Thursday, April 2, 2009

potty train?

Potty train a child is really difficult. Not long ago i've mentioned in this blog that i was trying to train Lisa to the toilet. But, now, i realise, she's not ready. She does not seem to show any progress. So, not wanting to trouble my mum and sis anymore (as they're the ones taking care of her in the morning when i go to work) she's now officially back in her diapers. But her bums keep getting rashes. *sigh* maybe i'll try again soon. during the holidays. What annoys me most is lisa pleaded to go to the toilet when she clearly doesn't need to. But when she really needs to, she keeps quiet or 'make dunno.'. I think she is just like Raul. He was potty trained when he's 3. So, before that time comes, just be patient lo..

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