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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 20th Bday!

My late Bro Noel is 20 yrs old last 8th April if he's still alive this yr. We went to visit him on that day (my bro Gilbert, sis Imelda, my mum and my kidz: Raul and Lisa). We placed a bouquet of flowers and few candles. We sang the Happy Bday song twice. We were able to finish the song as my two kidz were there singing it too. So, it helped to make us stay composed. I know we would have cried if the kidz're not there. I wasn't able to take a pic of that moment as my N73's camera isn't functioning. I asked my bro to take the photo but till now i didn't get it from him.
That nite we sang the Happy Bday song again, but this time for my new sis-in-law who was born on the same date. What a coincidence eh? I did dream (few weeks after Noel was called to God) that my bro comes back to us as a girl, with long hair. At that time, of course I dismissed it as just my way of mourning over him. But, thinking back, maybe yeah, just maybe, he did come back as a girl. My sis-in-law is indeed born on the same date and has long hair just like the girl in my dream. Spooky huh?
Anyway, we prayed and still believe that Noel will be among the chosen people to be with God in heaven. May his soul rest in peace.

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