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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's the fuss?

I was in the district level debate competition these last two days as one of the judges. And guess what? CONTROVERSY! Some losing teams think that judges who look young (like me *wink) are inexperienced and new to debate adjudication! Excuuuuuse me! I might not be the expert but I sure have many years of experience in coaching and judging for a debate competition!
First of all, the judges' decision is final. Secondly, why so emotional? It's just a competition. There's bound to be losers and winners. Next year try again loh...Thirdly, don't attack people without first assessing own's mistakes or weaknesses.
Huh...My team lost in the first round. Though the students performed way better than I thought but it's just not their luck this time. I accepted the defeat humbly, Though I don't fully agree with the verdict (i hv my own reasons). I'm proud of my team. They are new to this but they are ready to play the game.
Well, that's just a competition. I don't understand why some teachers get so emotional and unprofessional over this? Anyway, I'm REALLY glad that it's over. Not sure whether I want to be a debate judge anymore. It's really difficult to keep cool all the time.


  1. I have come across many such teachers. They cannot accept defeat. Some of them are soooo stupid, I wonder how they became teachers in the first place. No wonder we have all kind of idiots graduating from schools today.

  2. teachers should be professional.some teachers tend to 'train' their ss to be rude..u see nowadays-many ss disrespectful to the teachers..dont they know that teachers actually help them to be genius??

  3. Apparently the teacher who acted unprofessionally is famous for acting that way. What a bad example to the students. NO wonder the students were not so humble.