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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy mother's Day!

To all mothers out there, Just want to wish you Happy Mother's Day. For your love, patience and hardwork I award you with this:

Specially to:

1. Doria
2. Qahina
3. Audrey
4. reanaclaire
5. Liza
6. emila

and all mothers who read this blog. Congratz!


  1. A very happy mother's day to you too.

  2. hey woman.. hvnt hd net for long time so only now reading this. thanks for the mother's day wishes! hehe... ;-) sorry to hear that u guys all down with the virus... i must say Ezra is one of the bubbliest kids i've ever met.. you're very lucky! hugs for all n thanks again for looking after Betty Boo the dog! ;-)