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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Overspend = slap!

I read in the paper yesterday that in Riyadh, a judge allows a wife to be slapped by the husband if she overspend. ooohhhhh.. i dont think i want to live there ever. I always overspend and of course i dont want to be slapped by my husband. I disagree completely with that. How could this be allowed and accepted? I think slapping practice should not be encouraged. Well, overspending is not something to be proud of but to be slapped for it is unacceptable. Hmmm...well, that's my opinion. What do you people think?


  1. How about husbands overspending on beer, golf clubs, car accessories, excessive time at coffeeshops, billiard/snooker and all those other things men usually do. I know someone who spends hundreds and even thousands on car modification and boat building, yet buys second-hand clothes for his children! Should these people be slapped by their wives? What about husbands who just laze around the house or don't work? Should they be slapped by their wives? These Saudi men create laws that allow them to slap their wives, but it is no secret that they go to Europe to engage the services of expensive prostitutes!

  2. Well said anonymous! Men & women r equal, supposedly... well, all I can say is tht, I'm glad we live in M'sia :) slapping each other's faces for overspending will never solve d problem of overspending!

  3. Women are still being treated badly by men.So not fair!I agree with anonymous.I watched a documentary regarding Indian girls in India..shockingly,most of the families in India will kill their baby daughters!and as for the men there,they will let their wives work and they would spend their time drinking alcohol.they even sell their daughters to brothels.Hmph!

  4. equality and justice is still an uphill battle for women folks around the world.