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Saturday, June 27, 2009


huh...a tiring week. Grandma is safely buried. We had prayers for 7 days. And today, i just got back from my cousin's wedding reception. The whole day spent there. Most of the time i just looked after my three kids. With a baby around and two toddlers, it's really hard to just enjoy the moment. So, i was stranded with them for hours today. Did manage to dance to two sumazau's numbers and a twist. And i felt exhausted after those little exercise. Gosh! So unfit! My mission: to be fit again. Hope to start next week...

There are so many things to say but so little time to blog now. So, i just leave some details of my life in my memory storage and maybe when i have the time and mood, i'll write about them in this blog. HUH!It's not easy to blog with 3 kids and no maid.


  1. wow.. u were really tied up for the week ... a funeral and a wedding...with 3 kids.. no maid.. yes, salute to u, tiee... have a good rest on sunday..

  2. You are some woman!

  3. U d woman! :) breathe in- breathe out...

  4. hehe...claire, sounded like a movie four weddings and a funeral.

    thanks anonymous. really great to have someone to appreciate me.

    fil, thanks. i'm practising that now.