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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh NO! I did it again!

I'm so ashamed of myself last night. I'm supposed to start my diet regime, eat little or no rice at night cos i'm not able to burn all those fats and calories. Guess what? I've done it again. I ate as if that was my last meal on earth. Why oh why? I couldn't help myself. My bro's maid cooked the 'sambal bilis' and i just cant resist the temptation. I ate a whole plate of rice. Yummy!

And i did it again just a while ago. I had them for lunch as well. Huhu...Another diet plan went directly to the bin. I hope tonight i can resist all temptations! God, just let me be strong. Lol...But i noticed my big sized baju kurung is now not so tight anymore. Is that a good news? Hmmm....


  1. hehe... good news.. yes... temporary.. hahaha..
    i am also like u.. cannot resist food..sigh...i will be very "tortured" if i have to cut down on food...
    we can shake hands, right? same common interest.. :)

  2. LOL! itu sambal bilis bah the culprit nie! hehe! I thnk we shd masuk kaunseling ni supaya kontrol mkn!

  3. Haiyah, same here! Yesterday I was supposed to resume my gym training. But got a call just before I wanted to leave for gym. It seemed the boys at my workplace wanted to have a few beers with me since we haven't done that in more than a month. Well, at first just a few cans of beer. And then came in the tasty ikan pari panggang with delicious sambal. We must have ordered three large plates. And on top of that we ordered a bucket of KFC! After all that eating, I went home and guess what? Straight to bed! I feel so guilty that I am going on strict diet immediately! No more pari or KFC this month!

  4. claire : yea, never able to resist good food. just my weakness.

    fil: haha...kaunseling pun x guna. sa pun pandai kasi kaunseling org. mmg tu sambal bilis tu culprit.

    anonymous : OMG! that's a far cry from a balanced diet. that's a recipe for disaster. huhu...still have time to repent. no more pari or KFC just for this month? next month?

  5. Once a month okay bah itu!