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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bald head?

Today, i went in my form six class and the male students look different. They have little hair now. Almost bald. And the outside of our office had become a saloon where students hair were shaved. They look the same now. Some look good, some dont.
The students asked me what is the objective behind this move. I honestly said i dont understand it either. Well, i'm supposed to 'uphold' the rules and regulations set up by the school but i think this one particular move is, i think, ridiculous. I myself disagree with this. And to shave the students' hair during school periods is just wasting time, both for teachers involved and the students. What nonsense.
My sixth former complaint to me saying some students may not like their new hair and might need to attend counselling sessions to overcome their dissatisfaction. hmmm..quite true..
I told them to appoint a student leader and voice out their dissatisfaction to the principal. What do you think?


  1. i agree tiee. Malaysian government has the tendency to make students 'uniformed' and 'conformed'. I think students should be free to express their individuality and since they have to wear school uniform, hairstyle is the only other way they can be creative. and i think it's quite mean to do that to students especially if they are already in form 6.

  2. hey... sure your headmaster not reading your bloggie, tiee? :) over here in IPOH , at my son's school, i think not so strict, otherwise he will be very very stressed up.. his hair is very precious to him... :))

  3. Ditto! Juz make sure ths student leader knws how to be diplomatic, otherwise, he'll be the scapegoat.

  4. heheh at audrey's old school, one of the student's shoes were taken as punishment...beat that!

  5. Ask the students to get their parents to complain. Come on, they are in Form 6, 18 years of age. Who is this moron who created the rules. He or she must have had a very sad childhood. I think your principal is stupid to allow this to happen. What next? Are they going to ask students to shave their pubic hairs? Wouldn't be surprised if it happens. Stupid Malaysia!

  6. owh...for your information, today, the students told me that the principal was unaware of this. Yes, she agreed to the ruling that students' hair (male) should be cut short, i think it's 3-2-1 kinda style. But, it seems the teachers in charge of the so- called 'saloon' shaved their hair all using the number 1 (very short) almost bald. That's why so many of them complaint. The principal is now looking into the matter. She was not pleased with it as well.

    Peng : it would be great if they allow some creativity. It's a sad case here...Wonder when will that happen.

    Claire: I am pretty sure my principal is not reading my blog.

    Bea: I'm aware of that. Luckily, my school is not up to that standard

    Anon : haha...that'll be the day. Who will help shave their pubic hairs? :-)

  7. I can help if the students are females, hehehe