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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

birth certificate

Before 2 pm I was there in front of the district education office to help register my MUET students who want to improve their results. As expected, the officer was late. So frustrating. As soon as he arrived, I quickly filled in the forms. While doing it, the officer had to look into another school's problem with the registration. Not MUET, i think it's a primary school teacher trying to register the students for UPSR. I overheard their conversation regarding the serial numbers in the Sabahan kids birth certificates. It seems that some serial numbers cannot be registered in the online system because the numbers are already in use by another. Hmmm...what does that mean? Being busy body, i joined in their conversation.

The officer told me that it seemed this is nothing new. So he asked the teacher to put a school code in front of the serial number just to get the students to be registered and sit for the exam. He explained that this case is special in Sabah. The birth certificate is registered without a code or something. Like in West Malaysia, it seems that they use a different code for each state. So, if this is so, then i think the school should tell the parents that their kids' birth certificate numbers are shared by others. They should make a complain then we can track down all those dubious personal documents in Sabah. How can this happen?


  1. what do you mean no code for sabahan children? That's absolutely ridiculous!Don children already have their IC number as their birth cert number?

  2. the officer said there's no particular code. they just follow the running number. maybe this the old birth cert where they put a number / year u wr born. i.e 575/77. So the teacher said when she registered her students online, many of her pupils' birth cert are rejected. The code is already in used. ??? Someone out there is using our number...

  3. teruknya kan..the government shld do sth lah abt this.btw,betty,u did mention abt a friend of urs passd away because of cancer.siapa dia betty?

  4. Haiya, you guys don't get it kah? These people are illegal immigrants bah! Their parents given project IC or even fake IC. The instant Bumiputeras of Sabah! Soon, Bugis, Suluk, Indian and Pakistanis would outnumber Kadazandusuns, Bajau Samas and Muruts! Out of the 60 state assembly constituencies, only 24 are Kadazandusun-Murut majority!

  5. dor...itu bah c kak mike. i dont know whether u know her. she's the NZ batch. Not very close though.

    Anon: yes, that's many of them now..everyone seems to know this fact but nothing is being done. Very sickening.