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Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Fit!

Hooray! After so many months trying to get back in shape and stay fit, at last today (with some encouragement from hubby) I managed to go jogging and climb a hill. Initially, I was contemplating whether I would be able to climb up the hill nearby after about 20 - 30 minutes run. Usually, we would drive to the foot of the hill and just climb up and down then drive back home. But today, we decided to go all the way without the help of our car. So, there we went, jogged for almost 30 minutes. My waist (right side) was already aching when i was half way. Gosh! I started to doubt myself.
But, miraculously, i was able to climb up the hill twice without stopping and gasping for air. I am still fit after all.'s been almost 3 years now since i stopped exercising and stayed away from gym. Today, is the new beginning, i hope to a fitter me. I should be proud of myself...:-) And on the way home, i was able to run back home. Hmmm...Not bad for a beginning. Wait for tomorrow then. I hope i will be able to get up from bed..OMG! I dread tomorrow. Keep my fingers cross...huhu...


  1. good for you,betty.tapi kan gerenti satu badan ko nanti sakit2.hopefully u can walk too..hehehehe..but then jgn ko bhenti terus naik bukit tu,so ur body will get used to it.congrats..aku ni bila nak sedar agaknya.hahahaha

  2. u can do it!! but remember not to overdo it.. start with brisk walks.. u r still young anyway..

  3. doria, i'm with you in the 'tidak sedar diri' category... keep telling myself must do exercise must do exercise.. never happened :P

    tiee, bravo and well done !!

  4. lol! tak sedar diri? oh no! mcm aku rasa termakan cili jak ni... I need to start working out too!!! HELP!!!
    tiee, ngam. dont stop!

  5. hehe...thanks ppl. i'll make sure i'll climb the hill again. I did it twice already. Muscles ache everywhere but i managed to walk..

    But not everyday i suppose. maybe 3 times a week.