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Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am really saddened and frustrated over the govt.'s decision on the PPSMI issue. What a waste of money and energy! They simply throw everything out. And the most ridiculous thing is to have 7 periods of english lesson for each class. So, what does that mean? For single session schools that would be okay. Well, they have no problem to put those extra periods in their timetable. But what about my school? All other double session schools in this country? Yes, we do exist. Where to fit in those extra hours? We dont have enough classrooms to do any extra teaching! I really hope they will really send English teachers soon cos i dont think our school is ready to implement this new development without them. English lab, what a brilliant idea. That involves a lot of money. What will happen to all those PPSMI laptops, coursewares, textbooks?


  1. A bunch of morons running our education system!

  2. i am happy to read this post,i wrote something about this too, i guess they just dont care about our children future,what they care more is to have popular policies so that they can stay in power, albeit the deteriorating of our english standard.

    i am chinese educated,and i dont see why there is a weakness in learning english in S/M, we can cope one,, dont worry,

  3. Honestly, I'm still trying to digest ths news...very devastating ;(

  4. anonymous: yes indeed. totally agree with u.

    eugene: i think they only think of how to make more money out of this. pity the students and teachers who have to cope with all the sudden changes. dont they do any research or something before implementing any policies?

    fil: be prepared. when u start teaching again it'll be more pressure...

  5. i agree with eugene, no matter what crap they say, the move was politically motivated. and it will keep their ppl in the darkness constantly. believe me tiee, the nons will continue to swim, while theirs will drown a death of their own making. serves them right lah!

  6. Definitely agree with u guys. Now we'll see who will sink and who will swim.