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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lousy service!

Yesterday I went to the clinic for my baby Ezra's routine check up. NO injection, just weighing and some interviews on the baby's development and all. I was hoping Ezra would at least put on some 1kg but he didnt. Two months ago he was 7.2kg. Now, at 8 months he weighs 7.5kg. Hmmm...have to make him put on some weight these two months before his next check up. At least a kilo.

Then i asked the nurse about Ezra's blood test result to determine his G6PD enzyme level. He did the test two months ago and the ppl in the lab told me the result would be sent to the mother and child clinic. But, to my disappointment, they misplaced the result! It's nowhere to be found. So, until now i still do not know whether Ezra is confirmed to be deficient in the G6PD enzyme or not. They told me they will let me know ASAP. But, of course, until today, they still couldnt find the result. How could they misplace such an important document?


  1. Yeah no doubt. It is a pity we have to rely on their medical services. And to think this people get angry easily when we slip up.

  2. yea. very frustrating. Up til now there's still no news abt it. i wonder if they really do something to recover the doc.