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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a lady!

I got to know last night that a college mate of mine has died of breast cancer. I read her blog and i was touched and feeling very sorry for her and her children. All these whiles she's been battling with her breast cancer and both her children were born prematurely due to her disease. She's a very brave and strong woman.

After reading her blog, i realise that life is so precious. She has shown me what true love means and what courage and endurance can do to us. Now, I really have to go for my Pap Smear. I've been postponing it for years. It's true what she said. It's better to know cos after knowing, we can plan our lives better. We know what we should do. So, I'll go for my check up soon. Maybe next school holidays. My prayers and thoughts are for my dear friend. I regret not having the chance to really get to know her closer. May her soul rest in peace. I hope her children will one day get to know how their mother is a courageous and loving woman.


  1. it is indeed sad when there are so many lives lost battling with the Capital C... yes, life is indeed precious... dont waste our time moaning and complaining..lets make full use of our time looking on the positive side of life.. starting from this minute..

  2. I don't know her but my condolences anyway.