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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby pls dont cry.

Today i came home to my mum busy putting Gray to sleep while carrying Ezra on another hand. Gosh, it's really tough for mum today. Just this morning before i left for work, i heard Gray cried his heart out. Then, after having his breakfast (milk of course) he settled down quietly watching tv (smiling a little now and then). Gray's dad was getting ready to go to keningau to have a look at his workplace for the next two months. With my dad, both of them took a bus to KK to meet up with my sis who is going for an outstation in keningau these two days. So off they go, leaving my mum and the babies and my two toddlers.

Ezra chose to wake up early today, smiling and ready to explore. Gosh, i had to carry him downstairs to join Gray for my mum to care as early as 6am. (sorry mum). My youngest sibling who is usually around in the morning to help out with my mum was up early too. She has some sports thing going on in her school. So, she's not around this morning. That's why mum end up caring for the two babies in each hand. Luckily, my two other kids were not troublesome today. Normally, Ezra is not a difficult baby to handle. But these two days he is not in a very good mood due to his teething phase. He's irritable, drooling, needs attention and now soft stools and nappy rash! He feels so uncomfortable lately. So, he's quite demanding as well. Haiyo...


  1. I'm sure Ezra would be okay in a few days.

  2. he's a bit ok today. Thank God.