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Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh baby...

Pity my mum. Now she has to take care of two babies and two toddlers. She looks after my children in the morning, and now she has to care for my four months old nephew as well (the mother is away furthering her study while the father will go away for two months for a field work as a requirement for his degree in a cow farm in Keningau!). So, next week she'll take care of him full time. My nephew Gray is not an easy baby to take care. He cries a lot, always hungry and always sleepy. I think he cries too much. I'm lucky my 8 months old Ezra is not very difficult.

But, feeling guilty, i help around with Gray as well, as soon as i reach home. From now on, no more reaching home late from work. I'll have to tell the principal if there's any overtime meetings or activities. Well, at least i have a valid reason. I'd rather help my mum take care of the babies than listening to nonsensical issues they raise in the meetings. Well, some are quite important but the rest are just wasting my time. So, if there's any meetings, I'll limit my attention to half an hour then I'll be off to my home for babysitting time. It's tough.


  1. Hi..Gray's mum ni...Gray susah mau jaga kah? Btebiat ka dia slalu? Alaaa...siou ah...say sorry to meme for troubling her a lot..n u to u too, very2 sorry.

  2. hi Gray's mum. Mmg susah juga c Gray tu. nangis saja. tp sian juga tingu. meme pun sian juga abis tia ckp tangan. But dont worry, soon Gray will grow out of that habit. tp tia tau bila..maybe bila dia pandai crawling suda. kuat btl dia menyusu...dan kuat tidur. but maybe cos dia masi lagi baby..still needs to sleep quite a lot.
    anyway, we're trying our best. jan ko wori bout ur son. slalu juga c obot tu tlg sa j anak2 ba dulu.

  3. Gray mmg manja, apalagi time bjauhan skrg. He's all I have in my mind right now. Anyway, thanks a lot. Please do send my regards to meme.

  4. will do that. dont u worry. Lisa pun manja ba dulu..nangis saja. it'll pass.