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Saturday, July 4, 2009

TQ Captain.

Just the other day my 4 yr old boy Raul asked me a question which i never imagined he would. "Mummy, what is junk food?" I was wondering how on earth did he learn that. So i told him junk food is the type of food which has no vitamins to help you grow. It can make one sick though. I gave him a few examples of that. Then he asked me "What is healthy food?" Whoa...i never thought that this would come from a 4 yr old. So I explained to him healthy food is good for our bodies. Help you grow taller, bigger and no sick. Being very curious I asked him where did he learn all that. He told me 'Captain Carlos'. Lol...

He told me carrot is good for the eyes (captain carlos said).

So now i know how much he has learned from the cartoon channels that he watches everyday. Amazing really. And saving me all the trouble to explain to him on all that. Heheh...So who says watching TV is not good for the children. I think what kind of programmes you let them watch is important. Help them with their imagination, understanding and creativity. It also helps in my children's language development. My job is easier now.

Then, comes the most difficult part for me. He asked me again on food. But this time he specified it. "Mummy, sausage is good for what?" Haha...That's his favourite food. We always serve him that. But we know it is processed. Not entirely healthy. So what should I say? After cracking my brain, finally I managed to give him an answer. "Sausage is made of meat. So, meat is good for what?" He answered, "for the body also. Meat is good for the body to grow." Hmmm...with that, he continued to eat the sausages on his plate. :P

I'm glad that my boy is a curious child. He's learning very fast. I should thank Captain Carlos for helping me. :-)


  1. Thank you Captain Carlos!

  2. good that your kid learn fast... the more curious and talkative they are, it is a good sign.. but of course, the mummy will have to answer lots of questions too..haha..

  3. Don't stop them from asking otherwise you will regret why your child never ask! My son, 11 years old, asked me why the fish died. To him, changing to clean water in the aquarium is a good thing!

  4. lol...yes. answering their never-ending questions is the most difficult part. At one point i just have to stop him for asking the ones that he already knows the answers. Some even chained questions, one leading to another and another and another. It never ends. Gosh!