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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life is great.

My hubby asked me to read an article 'Doctor's Advise' in Malaysia today website. And really....that is indeed a must read. Very entertaining. Makes me feel for u guys who haven't read it, click the link above. Hope u enjoy it as much as i do...

so hubby....shall we eat our hearts out? lol...:-)


  1. LOL! I got ths a few times via good as they sound..too good to be true kan ;) I'll stick to exercising (even if itz once a month!) hehe!

  2. Yes, enjoy life while you are living it.

  3. exercise. yea...tried that. and still trying. but that's the most difficult part. to start exersicing...huhu....fil..give me some motivation.

  4. I know how to get you motivated. It works for me though I'm not sure if it would for everyone else. I get my motivation from negative reinforcements. Yes, I get these by the negative remarks from people.

    I always get comments like "Makin gemuk kau ini", "Tambah gemuk sudah kau", "Kalau perut mimang kau jugaklah", "Berapa bah berat kau, lebih 100 ni kan" and many other insulting and humiliating remarks. You might be surprised, but sometimes women make the most hurtful remarks. And yes, sometimes they laugh at you!

    So, this helps me from taking oily food and prevents me from eating more than I need. It also propels me to be constant in my workouts. Of course, I do indulge in my favourite food at least once a week. But I make sure that I increase my cardio exercises and do more sit-ups the next day. This is because I was told that if you can burn the fat you take if you exercise within 72 hours.

    Whenever you exercise, just remember those hurtful remarks, and you'll be surprised at how far you can push your workouts.

    Yes, it is difficult when sitting with friends who are enjoying their mee goreng, nasi lemak and konlau mee while you are just eating oats or drinking a mug of Nestum. But remember that these very friends would comment on you if you are fat!
    And also remember that oily or fatty food only tastes good in the mouth which lasts as long as you are chewing on it, but when it gets into your stomach, that's when starts fattening you up! The best part about not eating what everyone else is eating is when you get up the next day and saying to yourself "Thank God I did not put that into my body yesterday". It makes you feel good!

    It is surprising that when you are at your normal weight, people seldom comment on your great physique. In fact when I lost almost 20kgs within 3 months in 2007, I had people saying I'm fat, three people to be exact! If you increase your weight by say 2 or 3 kgs, they'll comment "Gemuk sudah kau"

    Well, if it is any consolation for you, let me tell you this, most of the people who make these negative remarks are not so healthy themselves. In fact there is this one guy who had to go for by-pass surgery. So, though they might not be fat, you never know what damage is going on inside of them.

    Just for your information, I started working out in December 2006. I lost about 20kgs within 3 months. In April 2008, I was told to stop going to the gym because of a "slipped disc" which I got from many years ago. The doctors believed my gym training had worsened my problems. So I stopped gym and by December that year, I was back to my pre-gym weight. You see, when I stopped gym, I also went back to my old dietary habit.

    I've started going to the gym again since last week! Yes, against the doctor's advice!

  5. haha...thanks anon. i'm going to imagine those hurtful remarks. specially from a lil' cousin nephew who insulted me though innocently done. And i'm going to go to the try on small clothes to make sure i loath my big body and start to exercise in order to be able to wear my smaller sizes clothes. huhu...ok. i'm going to jog after this.