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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health concerns

Not a good day for me. Down with a flu. so scared that it could be H1N1. Hah..another death marked the seriousness of the pandemic. What a scare. My friend told me that few months ago she only heard this in news happening in other countries. Now, it's here. Making its way. Sure and steady. Gosh, a few of my students are quarantined but not confirmed yet. It is really scary. My hubby's school is now closed for two days as 3 of his students are positive. Many students and teachers are sick. I am sneezing since early morning. But that could be due to the weather. It's raining heavily this morning. I am usually very sensitive to a weather like this. I hope that that's the reason.

Apart from the swine flu scare, my aunties complained of high blood pressure they are facing at the moment. many health problems. Life is so precious. Our health is our wealth. Though we have millions of dollars, if we are unhealthy we will not be happy. Gosh! I think I am finally at that age (when health issues are the main concern). People my age and older are facing so many health problems. At the moment, I am perfectly healthy. But if i dont maintain a healthy lifestyle, i'm sure i'll be in that statistic as well. What should I do? I have just eaten few slices of brownies and cupcakes which i know are not healthy.

I bought the cupcakes from a teacher in my school thinking my kids would love them. It turned out they dont. Gosh, so thinking of my money paid for the cupcakes, i consumed them. Yikes! Too sweet! Not like the ones i bought from the bakery. No wonder my boy refused it after he tasted it. He is a health freak. Now that he knows what is junk and sugary food and what it can do to our teeth, he will ask before he eats anything: 'Is this junk food?' 'Something in my teeth, I want to brush my teeth now.' Oh God, now who's teaching who? :-)


  1. That is so cute. Well he's right though for looking after his teeth. Very precious to us.

    Hope you feel better soon Betty. I don't think it's flu because if you have flu, you will literally not be able to get out of bed !! it's that bad. ask fely. she will confirm.

    take care.

  2. your boy is a trooper!!! how adorable that he's so concerned abt junkfood at his age... anyway, my sentiments r the same as peng's, get well soon, dont worry too much abt it n the stress will ease away.. plus dont sweat the small stuff, a couple of sweeties cant kill you, just try to make healthier choices from now on. as for me, i'm on a diet now haha.. i've given up meat including chicken if i'm paying for it, but if its a party, who cares, makan saja! thanks for you beautiful comment on my observation n promo, really means alot to me. you're a fantastic person too n i wished i had spent more time getting to know you when we were still in college. nvmd, we make up for it now ok! hehe..

  3. thanks. it turned out to be my allergic reaction to the weather. Today i'm perfectly alright. Thank God.

  4. yes, h1n1 is very worrying.. i have been in and out of hospital these few days.. i will blog about it next week or so.. oh, i m fine so far.. its not me being admitted.. anyway, do take care.. build up our body systems..

  5. Hey,has your flu gone away already? please take care of yourslf,ya?

    i am not too sure you exercise or not but it really helps to keep you healthy and fit,

    if you really thinking about picking a activity,you can try jogging,you will fall in love with it.

    go out and hit the road ya?

  6. Yeah, to all those who frequent karaoke lounges, try to stay away for the time being. People aren't taking the H1N1 seriously. And there are fools who still don't cover their mouths whent they sneeze or cough. Maybe the government is going to intoduce a subject called "Manners" in school soon. With a credit in Manners, maybe you can join the MACC! hahaha

  7. haha...that's funny anon. Yeah, we should take H1N1 more seriously now.

    eugene,reanaclaire: thanks. i'm better now.