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Sunday, August 2, 2009

bluetooth this..

I dont understand some teachers who are so unprofessional. I know if the person concerned read this in my blog sure he'll be very mad at me. But i dont think he'll read this. :-). As it happened, one of the students in my class (now i'm the famous class teacher in school) was caught in action with a junior boy getting really personal at the back area of the vacant shops nearby my school.

Well, it seems that someone from the shop had his camera phone on and recorded the incident. That person then sent it to one of the senior teachers in school via mobile phone. I thought the ethical thing to do next is to call the principal,class teachers involved, the students, the parents and the witnesses. But what happened is really annoying and embarassing to the teaching profession. The teacher went in the staffroom and announced the so-called 'hot' recording. He even asked if anyone want to 'bluetooth'the recording from him. Gosh! What is this? A gossip columnist? Then all the teachers curiously went to him to have a glimpse of the recording. I refused to go because I thought it's not the way it should be. Well, to be honest, I am really curious just like anybody else but I refused to accept the way it was done. Like selling fish in the market. I dont know, am i being proud here? I'm sorry if i did sound like one. But I still could not understand why he did that?


  1. Tiee, wht u did is right! U knw wht, a few months ago, a blogger who happens to b a teacher blogged abt a video abt a pri sch boy wch was recorded by a teacher. According to her d boy couldnt even sing the song 'tinggi2 Gunung Kinabalu' or whtever itz called. & very poor in reading (or somthn, I couldnt remember). Kunun, it was funny.Then a few teachers who saw d vid disagree wth wht d teacher who recorded d so called event did, wch was to put it on Utube! I gv my opinion on tht matter in her blog & she talked/wrote trash abt me.Y? bcs I told her although I hvnt seen d vid, but itz very unethical of the teacher concerned.

  2. yes..some teachers are too proud to accept criticism. I thought we are here to help the students not to destroy their future.

  3. Yeah, like the teachers who read students' love letters in my school and even invited me to read them. I said no and told them I had enough love letters to read during my school time. I told them "maybe you guys never experienced teenage love". If the guy you mentioned reads this, all the better. What a pervert! Talking of perverts I overheard a female teacher saying "mau kena rogol kah?" while caning a female student. Stupid UMNO-educated teachers!