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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Annoyingly true.

Yesterday i went to the 'Survey Hypermart' in Putatan to buy diapers, milk and others. I did take a packet of nescafe and coffee mate. Then, I proceeded to the till to pay for my goods. When finally it's my turn to pay, i noticed that there's a hole on my coffee mate packet. So, I told the cashier that i want a new one. The cashier told me to put the packet back at the shelf where i took it and get a new one. I was not sure whether i heard her correctly. I repeated what I thought she said. She firmly told me just that: to put it back where i got it and take a new one. I told her someone else might take it. I showed her the small hole. (It was not that small anyway). She said that's ok! She persisted that i do as she told me to. I was so annoyed.

First: she was not helpful at all.
Second: she asked me to put the spoiled packet back for other customer to take.

As it was really busy that day, and the queue behind me was amazingly 'long' and it's getting late, i didn't make more fuss about it. I just rushed to take my new packet of coffee mate but i put the spoiled one at different shelf. Hopefully one of the workers will find it and when trying to put it back, he/she will notice the hole. I know I should do more than that but I don't think i can put up with all the hassles that day.


  1. hi Tiee, what was normally done here was, the cashier put it aside and asked the customer whether she wants to take a new packet or just pay up the rest and go...

    if i were u, i will just say i can do without it.. no need to run up and down.....
    yes, her way is incorrect... it is not solving the problem...

  2. like a mirror of my experience only. haha

  3. yep claire, that's what should happen. But then, i really want that coffee mate. haha..

    escape2: i'm glad i'm not the only one..:P

  4. Another example of a person educated by sick teachers! Thankfully I wasn't there or I wouldn't have let her bully you like that. I would have ticked her off. Don't let yourself be bullied like that in future. I've had so many experiences with bullies that I believe I could kill one if I come across them again!