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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I managed to get myself registered in the gym after abt 2 years break. Gosh! I'll have to endure all the aches, pains and exhaustion...
Just this afternoon, as i was doing my cardio for 20 looooong minutes, i kept looking at the clock.'s agony. I must persevere. I must...By the end of my session today, i felt exhausted but happy. I'm actually quite proud that i managed to do three different exercises and two types of tummy crunches..yay...
So i guess i'm going back again tomorrow. Please let me come back again, and again and again...;-) have to motivate myself everytime...

What happen to my hill climbing activity? Well, it's quite boring especially doing it alone. By the third day I was lazy to go there anymore. At least with the gym i'm paying for it so i MUST go there and exercise! What more the instructor is willing to help me with it...I feel very healthy now...haha...


  1. hmm... audrey with her healthy dieting, and you with your exercising...

    help! peer pressure!!!!hehe

  2. hehe bea... u r still slim as ever lah.. stop whinging!

    tiee.. which gym u going to? hehe.. i'm now doin badminton training some nights.. n it's really great to sweat it out. hvnt got on a scale but i think i'm losing. ;-) text me the times n place u go to the gym n i will try to be your gym buddy.. then we can slim together! haha.. ps, cut meat out 3 days a week... hehe, maybe that will help too!!!

  3. PEER PRESSURE!!! hehe! Tiee...U CAN DO IT!

  4. hooray,, i love to hear this, especially from a lady going to the gym, that's reall really wonderful, getting your body worked out,cardio and it will sure give you confidence and the body that you want ,,,,

    you know it is always good to look good and feel good... i just coaxed my wife to do some weight lifting because i told her it is imperative for her to do that...

    good on you, i just cant stop writing about this,,it is really nice, keep it up my friend

  5. Haha I know what it feels like. After just 4 weeks in the gym, my waistline has decreased 2 inches. My trousers and pants are getting loose, and I need to punch new holes in my belts! Of course I also changed my dietary habits. The only problem are the invitations from my friends to have beer during the weekend! Okay, sometimes I accept them, but I double my cardio the next day. Keep it up Tiee! Sure feels good to look good doesn't it!

  6. audrey: justin sompong's gym. i go there straight from school. so i'll be there around 1 - 2.30pm.
    Thanks ppl. I need the motivation. come on exercise.

  7. peer pressure nihh...i'm joining this group!Let's lose some weight friends!