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Friday, July 17, 2009

Patience is an expensive virtue.

I dont understand how a 4 yr old boy who are able to wash himself, brush his own teeth, wear clothes and go to toilet on his own now revert back to not wanting to do all those that he has been doing already? It it most annoying. Just today he refused to take bath in the morning, and he also refused to eat breakfast. He only wants milk and milk and milk. I tolerated him in the morning, i just told him to brush his teeth and wash the important parts. Then served him lunch. But what really irks me is that in the evening, he did the same. Refusing to clean himself. I was so annoyed with his stubborness. So, i just let him be. Playing the reverse psychology. Telling him not to wash himself and stay dirty. I ignored him. Not wanting to talk to him. I feel so childish doing it.

Am I doing the right thing? I dont know. But it seems the strategy worked. He then pleaded to be washed and have dinner. But, he still maintains that he doesnt know how to wash himself and wear his clothes. Lately, he's been doing that, stepping back. Saying he cant do this, cant do that. Truly annoying. And to think that i have to go through this process with another two children, OMG! Can i face it? I hope so. Huh..motherhood is really a challenge. I love it, but at the same time, i'm confused, annoyed, exhausted name it.

I just hope i can do my best to raise my children. I love them. I do. Eventhough I scream and yell at them most of the time..:-) but i couldnt imagine life without them. They are my life. But that wouldnt be complete without my hubby. Huh we miss him. Hope he'll come home soon. So we can scream and yell
but we do actually (with 3 cheeky kids, who wouldnt?) Guess i have to learn to be more patient now...which is the most difficult thing to do.


  1. are doing a superwoman job there. dun give up on the kids. they have their mood swings too i guess. so be patient. they will see your good intentions soon. have faith

  2. hahaha! tie...Raul is seeking for ur personal intention tu...he wants u all for himself...jeles tht ;) cute owh c raul ni

  3. eh! I meant attention..haha..not intention :)

  4. Don't let them control you.

  5. i'm trying but it is so difficult..:-) thanks for the support..