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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today in the paper i read that Sabah Electricity Sendirian Berhad (SESB)lost abt 3 millions to the rampant power theft specially from hundreds of the illegal squatter colonies in Sabah. Well, it is out in the open. Everyone in Sabah knows it, but what actions are taken? They are still there. This power stealing still happens, and we the people of Sabah who pay our bills every month have to suffer! We have frequent blackouts now. Sometimes, in 10 mins we have 2 or 3 blackouts. Other days we will experience hours of blackouts! This situation is worst now than it used to be. So, what's the use of the Sabah Development corridor if this problem cannot be solved? We dont want many big shopping complexes (though it would be nice to have) or marble pavements. Just make sure we dont have that many and frequent blackouts. What's the use of the street lights if they are not functioning? No need new fancy things. Just maintain the ones that we already have first. Huh...i think this is not new. We complain abt this every year. But who listens?

The flyover they built in KK near the airport is just a waste of money. It does not solve the traffic jam in Petagas and Putatan areas. It makes the traffic worse. I dont understand why they cannot plan properly.

I think i'm not alone wanting to say this : STOP THE BLACKOUTS NOW! DO SOMETHING ABT THE POWER STEALING!


  1. There are entire squatter villages in Lahad Datu that depend on stolen electricity, yet they are taken care of by the Government. I believe this does not happen in Lahad Datu alone but throughout the state. And I also don't understand why there are so many roundabouts in Sabah. Somebody is surely making a lot of money out of it.

  2. I hear u! I thnk SESB hotline 15454 has my number on speed dial by now;) I do call thm evrytime whn my hse emergency lights r switched on!

  3. fil: they cannot do anything. they are helpless and clueless...

    anon: yes, the situation is getting worse each year. When will this stop? They are building power plants and so on but still the problem is not solved...

  4. Fil, at least there're emergency lights at your house...during balckouts at my mom's, everything is BLACK! and it's downrigght dangerous for us...sigh!!! and every week there are at least 3 blackouts at night or during office hours when it's baking hot!!! so stupid!!!!!