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Friday, August 7, 2009

9 months..

Ezra is now 9 months old..Hmm he has four teeth on the upper gums and two more on the lower part. hehe...He can stand unsupported for 10-15 seconds now. Soon he'll be learning to walk. How time flies so fast. Tried to get his teeth in this blog but i only managed to snap this one.

He is quite fussy now. Screaming and babbling when he is angry, bored or do not get his way. I mean really scream! On the bright side, he now can swallow his medicine without complaints. Well, last time he used to struggle, wriggle, scream, blow, cry, vomit and many more. Now, he'll meekly wait for me to put the medicine into his mouth. wow...amazing. He seems to understand. For now, that is. I'm not sure for how long though. :-) I'm glad he's getting better now. He has runny nose and a mild flu. Not a serious one.


  1. i like the name ezra,you know it is always nice to see a child growing up,every minute of it seems to go by very fast.

    you know what,i wish i could be in my early 30s again,then i would decide to have more children, always wanted a girl but god gave me two boys, i guess they are the greatest gift for me,,,

    hey, i am happy to have you as my blogger friend, take care and family first no matter what

  2. See you soon Ezra!

  3. Me too eugene.I wish I can have more children but then still no luck. I am happy though, at least I have a child.some of my friends still have no luck at all.
    Hopefully Ezra's daddy will be on his side sooner.Let's pray!

  4. thanks eugene. i'm glad to have a blogger friend like u too.

    Doria: dont worry. Be happy. Who knows what the future holds. another one maybe? Dont give up hope.

    Ezra's daddy: come home soon. We miss u.

  5. He looks so cute. The expression on his face is absolutely ernest :)

  6. Haiyaa! Looks like I need to somehow injure myself so that I can spend longer time with Ezra! Hehehe, that's the only way i can get a medical leave. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill myself.