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Monday, September 7, 2009

Part 2: Holiday activities

More on our holiday adventures:

Here are some pics on our visit to the floating bookshop. The 'Doulos' ship is now in Kota Kinabalu Sabah again until this 20th September. We didn't let go of this opportunity to visit the onboard book fair as it will be the last for the ship to do so, reason being it is too old to travel now. If you want to know more on the history of this ship you can log on to

Doulos: the ship

Raul, Lisa and the ship.

The book fair

Inside the ship

Lisa in action

That's Lisa, trying to fit in the hole. Almost a captain. hehe. Too short.
Can you see Lisa in that film?

so tired mummy, daddy. The kids were having a relaxing time after the tiring adventure. The coffee bean. Of course.
For those who haven't been in the ship, if you are around KK, go now. This is the last time you'll be seeing that old ship. Have fun. What did we buy there? Not a book, but a keychain with Doulos ship in it. For remembrance: my hubby said. We didn't get the chance to really browse through the collection of books. It were all done in a jiffy. Why? Of course, with three active kids, how can we? Maybe we should go for a second trip.


  1. Yeah, there were some books that caught my eye which are cheaper than the ones sold in Times, Eaton's or Popular.

  2. I been up to Doulos once in Singapore when it docked near Vivo city.. i hope i got the name right.. we went up the ship, my son was amazed by it and if he has the opportunity, he would like to travel with Doulos too..

  3. i hope doulous will call Penang port again, i have been there not with my children.

    hey,things going great for you over there?

    take care now

  4. i've been in the ship before!!
    when i was still a kid!!!
    from kk also.. ^_^
    btw.. i stayed in Likas actually..

  5. Just went to Doulous with my friend last weekend. Really happy coz now I got new loads of books! =)

  6. Ya lah Betty. I went on the Doulos when I was very little but not too little that I can remember it. Fantastic ship!