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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holiday Activities - Part 1

What did we do during the one week school break recently? We had attended my bro's house warming party. I forgot to take pics on that occasion. We also had been to several toy stores (this is a must). I asked Lisa what she wants to buy in the toy shop? She said 'nothing'. Haha...What a relief! We saw a few kids with Dora the explorer's dolls and I asked her again if she would want one. This is what she said: 'I already have that mum.' Double relief! Hehe..I think one of the ways to make them not ask us to buy toys is to bring them to toy shops and let them play with the toys they like for a while. That way, they are happy enough.

Before I forget, we did stay in Le Meridien Hotel Kota Kinabalu for one night. It was pay day. We usually go to the bank to withdraw and pay loans at nights. Less traffic and not hot as in the days. Normally, we dont bring the kids. But since it was a holiday, so we decided to claim our voucher which entitles us to a one night stay in the hotel. I did manage to snap some pics.

On our way to the hotel.

OMG! I did it. I managed to snap Ezra showing off his teeth.

This is the bathroom's sink. I like it.

The bed.

Twin beds.

Raul was testing the bed.

Before I could snap the view outside of our hotel room, my camera went off again. My camera phone is really bad. Anyway, we did have fun there. We enjoyed the pool and the food. Luckily it was just for one night. With all the delicious food, how could we (the parents) control our appetites? Haha...


  1. You taught your girl well :) So heartwarming when they say "I've enough mama" when they really want it kan? Ryan loves new things but at least he's always willing to share (food and toys only, his mom dad grandma and aunt belong to him exclusively!)

  2. OMG~~ your kids are so cute!!

    cannot breath through mouth.. T.T
    later the smelly molecule go in my mouth and stay permanent in my lungs.. T.T

  3. tiee...siok itu tilam & bantal le meridien kan :) mcm mo tapau blk owh..hehe! ur little explorer aka Lisa@ Dora is sooooo cute! tinguk bah tu muka dia!

  4. Hello Tiee, looks like your kids had fun too...the hotel room looks very classy.
    You keep well and have fun, Lee.

  5. Hey,

    How did you get the voucher that claim for hotel stay one? i want also, can tell or not. It has been long long while since i took my family for a hotel stay, may be i will do it after my son UPSR exam,,,,,,,

    hey take care now, the weekend is here, mine will be a boring one since my wife is not around with me,, sigh

  6. Yeah, it was great! I had a hard time trying to prevent my plate from overflowing during dinner. It was buffet! Well, it didn't overflow, but there was more than one plate!

  7. Hi Tiee, just popped by....enjoyed looking at your kid's pics. Love that young fellow's hairstyle, ha ha. Real cute. Lee.