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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

This may surprise you. I've been keeping it to myself for two months now. Not because i despise it, but because i am so embarrassed to admit it to the world just yet. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to be; but thinking what people will say or comment makes me shy away from telling all., I'm proud to announce that I'm expecting two very important events in my life.

One: another baby!
Owh, pls don't remind me about family planning cos it's too late. haha...
Yes, i still go to the gym despite being pregnant. I've talked to my coach and we've worked out some suitable programmes for me to do. Don't worry.

Two: a promotion (=salary increment)
I received the news on that auspicious date: 090909! I was told by my clerk to pick up my promotion letter ASAP. Today, the letter is in my hands. Waiting for me to sign it. I honestly don't think that i'd receive this. Last year i was asked to fill in a form. I thought: ok, just fill it in as i was told. No expectation. I even thought i was not qualified for this. There are others out there who are more qualified than me. The 'not-so-confident' me rejects this promotion. But money is important. And at a time like this i really need it; with many kids and high cost of living, who doesnt?
Sorry to my 'humble self'. haha... I think i'm going to say YES!
Furthermore, as i've been discussing this with hubby time and again: we are very unlucky. Never won a lottery. So unlucky when it comes to money. But so lucky when it comes to children! So, this promotion is one lucky event in my life that i've never dreamed of. Should never let it go. But, am i up to the challenge? I'm trying to be positive here. That's the one thing that is really difficult for me to do. I'm a pessimist. A realist. Whatever you call it. Worry too much, so inconfident and the list goes on. Now this...I will have to tell myself over and over again to stay positive. Be confident. I do envy friends like Audrey, Ashley, Fely and mismatthew who are (to me) very confident and bold. I respect them for that. I always admire my hubby who can just walk up to the stage and talk or sing. This is my weakness. Dont have the courage to be the centre of attention. pathetic.


  1. Hi Tiee, CONGRATULATIONS! Outstanding!
    Always knew good news comes in 2s.
    Will it be twins? You expect a girl or boy?
    Must be having debate with hubby and in-laws, out-laws on baby's name?
    Feel really happy for you, Tiee.....go need candle light dinner under moonlight....don't look for problems now, *wink*...
    Best wishes, Lee.

  2. Alamak Betty!! I left you a really nice comment earlier and it's gone!

  3. Anyway, it went something like this. CONGRATULATIONS Betty on both occasions. I am so envious of you being pregnant again. I love being pregnant and I love being a mum but maybe it's not my time to add another one to the family just yet, for various reasons. Think about your Christmas and Kaamatan in about 20 years' time Betty!! Your house will be filled with your families! It will be so lovely.
    And the promotion comes just at the right time. It will be handy to have the extra cash for your growing family. Don't worry about not being confident, it will come to you. I have to be confident because when I came to the UK to be with Nick, I had no friends or families. I only had myself so being confident is a survival necessity. When your 4th comes along you will have built all your courage and confidence within you as well, i'm sure.
    I'm so terribly happy and extremely envious of you. I wish I was brave enough to just say, ok, i'll have another baby. My heart says yes but my logical brain is saying wait! oh!!!!

  4. Tiee, I forgot to mention earlier....
    A friend of mine, his only child, daughter celebrated her 21st birthday recently.

    The father on the day she was born bought three local papers, Straits Times, Malay Mail and Star.
    As well he later kept her first baby booties, hospital baby tag, her toy rattle, her first baby dress, underwear too, after washing of course, her couple of baby toys, her first jeans at 6 years old, her baby shoes etc....

    And on the day she celebrated her birthday after cutting the cake with 21 candles, the mother and father proudly presented her the specially wrapped and sealed box.

    When daughter opened the unexpected present, she cried at seeing her baby things, and the papers of news the day she was born.
    Of course outside was doting father's present to her, brand new Mini Cooper S. Best regards, lee.

  5. oh Uncle Lee you had to spoil the nice story with the lavish gift at the end.. it was a nice story and tie i think you should try that :)

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! i soo want to get pregnant now (broody)... haha. Who says you're not confident tie? who says you're a pessimist??!! you're expecting your fourth child and you have to be really brave and to do that !! So well done.

    Like Fely..I am so envious of u!U r so lucky! Like me,poor me..have been trying to get no 2 but too many failures..
    u got DG44 kah?

  7. hey ...congrats to both the good news....
    so what promo is it??? how come everyone in the east is getting promo??? lousy admin in the west.

    be a healthy mama yeah.

  8. what happened to my loooonnnggg comment?! anyway i wanted to say congratulations, on both counts! and you know i've always thought you're a supermom, doing so much all by yourself. well done you, and take care, and enjoy the pregnancy and don't get too caught up with your new responsibilities. pace yourself. hugs

  9. I'm already looking at a brochure of a Nissan Vannette. Need something bigger and economical with all these people, hehehe

  10. Owh...ppl. thanks.

    Uncle Lee: that's a great suggestion. I keep all their umbilical cords (the ones with the medical clamps) together. My mum said when you keep them together, they will always be together. Haha...i'm not into that kind of beliefs but i don't have the heart to throw them away. So, i keep them. Like my mum did. And we hope for a girl this time so we'll have two pairs. But we'll love the baby just the same if it's a boy. We are still undecided on the baby's name though. We have 7 months to think of that.

    Fely: i never had the time to think whether i'm ready for another baby or not! they just keep coming...haha..

    Peng2: the clock is ticking. have the baby while you are still young and strong. :-) Don't wait too long lah dear..

    Doria: Yup. DG44 (KUP) 'Guru Cemerlang' (GC) You have to be at least 7 yrs in service and passed your PTK. Apply lah...And don't give up on the baby thing. My aunt got pregnant with another when the elder children were teenagers! There's always hope.

    Escape: Here in Sabah, so many vacancies. That's why they forced us to apply. *wink*

    Ash: i dont know what happened to your comments. anyway, thanks for the support. Don't worry i'm not going to turn into a workaholic. So not me...:-)

    anon: Are you planning to have a BIG family?!

  11. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh guru cemerlang!!!! so proud of u girl!!! that's fantastic news! and of course the cherry on the sundae is another lovely baby!! of course the extra cherry now is that you can eat as much ice-cream as you want!!! congrats again girl... hug hug! so glad everything is lookin up for u... guess my good wishes for all my close friends are being heard.. the rest of u out there, your turn will come soon, dont sweat it! hugs n kissies for allllllllllllllll!

  12. congrats! Congrats!!!! I'm envious too!!!!

  13. yes audrey. i received the promotion news as soon after reading your post in FB sharing good luck to ppl. Best of luck to you too.

    Bea: Which one? the money or the baby? If the baby, start now! Good luck.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS TIEE! all the best to u and your family...take care now...

  15. Oh dear! I'm so left behind!Itz nvr too late to shout, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! hehe! to both good news of course! Tiee, u hv no idea how I look up to u (haha! I knw I'm really tall, physically, but, u knw wht i mean , right?) *hugs*

  16. Wah.. congratulation!!!! A new baby…..
    It’s a really great news….