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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Delayed Entry.

I know i should've written this post earlier. But these few days were quite tiring for me. Partly due to my pregnancy, and lots of other things. Last saturday, we had a memorial prayer for my late brother NOEL who passed away last year on the 10th of September 2008. How time flies...

Quite a number of people turned out for the prayer but i didn't manage to take any pics. I forgot actually. Ezra was quite difficult and demanding on that day. So, I forgot to snap some.

Every now and then, I still think about him. I'm sure he's now in God's hands and hopefully looking down at us, praying for us. Before this, I used to pray to God and asked the saints to pray for me too. Now, I have my late brother to help me pray to God cos he's closer to Him. :-) I wonder if he can listen and watch what's happening to us here on earth?


  1. Hello Tiee, regret read of your brother. It is always sad when we lose someone close to us.
    And yes, he can hear you....he's in a far better place than we are.
    You stay easy and don't carry heavy things, relax. Lee.

  2. I'm sorry about ur brother too.....

    We are all here with you....Stay can do it!! GAMBATEH!!! :)

  3. slow down your pace ok... ;-) just take it easy and look after yourself, only then you can look after others best. ;-) god bless noel's soul. u be good ok.

    btw, when u, hubby n kids free to come over n makan-makan, play in playground with my girl? next wed? let me know ok

  4. yes strong and do take good care of urself.
    Dont worry abt ur late bro,he is happy there with his Creator.Amen.

  5. hey gurl :) time really flies fast...u take care ya

  6. condolence to you..anyway later posting is not a not good thing.. =)

  7. Condolence to u Tiee.. one year seems to fly, right? my husband has gone for more than 12 years, more than a decade and fresh memories are still embedded in my heart.. yes, they are now in a better place, definitely better than on earth here and we must keep the good memories and carry on living as happy as we can be..

  8. thanks everyone.

    Audrey: that sounds great. Will confirm with u soon.

    reanaclaire: I admire your spirit and courage to have gone through all that. You are an inspiration. A very strong lady.

  9. God bless him, with him gone, I have lost one beer-drinking buddy