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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ramadhan breakfast.

These are some pics i've taken at a restaurant i frequented this Ramadhan month in Bongawan. The canteen in my school is closed for the month so I have to satisfy my hunger elsewhere. As there is no other choice, this is the only restaurant i go to every morning to have my breakfast. There's another chinese restaurant there but I think this is just fine. Very old restaurant kan?

I eat this everyday! NO choice. They only serve 'fried mee hoon' and 'fried mee' for breakfast with side dishes like bean curd and dumplings. The most popular is the 'cakui' and 'tausa piang'. (as you can see in the pic above). Sometimes they do have slices of cakes wrapped in plastic or the 'kouchung' (not sure of the spelling); the rice dumpling with nut fillings. Though simple, i like the taste. Not bad at all for an old restaurant. But to have lunch here is not advisable. I went there for lunch once as I have extra class at 1.30pm. They don't have anything except fried 'maggie'. Yes, the 'maggie goreng' like indomie or other brands. So frustrating. But, I have no choice! Haha...I know i should 'tapau' or eat at home but sometimes i don't have enough time cos i have to punch in before 6.40am and it's a half an hour drive from home. Most of the time, i only have time to fill in my water bottle. I don't even have time to put on any make up except the day cream. :-)


  1. hehe~~
    at least it's chinese style bihun..
    i had malay style bihun everyday in canteen..
    spicy and oily.. sigh..
    but the canteen is shut down due to Ramadhan also..
    nothing to eat.. Zzz

  2. hi Tiee, tomorrow is a school holiday for all teachers, right? enjoy yr 5 days hols then..oh , more than that la.. one whole week, right? for me, 4 days only... but it looks like a week too cos all colleagues not around..yehhhhhh!!!

  3. I love this shop. The noodles are great, and they have marble tables and some advertisements are from the 1980s! For those who love iced coffee, the Kopi Sejuk here is most famous in Bongawan!

  4. do like fruits every day. haha..

  5. Now Ramadhan is over you can go back to your canteen food. Btw is your canteen food any good? I remember when I was a child, I used to look forward to "Rehat" and rush to the canteen. The food (then) was very good to a hungry girl.

  6. my canteen food was not that great. Usually i'll buy from a nearby stall. but at least, i have more choices.

    escape: OMG! Fruits are so healthy. Now that I'm pregnant, i couldn't stand eating too little. hehe...for me, fruits are not so fulfilling. maybe at night fruits would be great.

    reanaclaire: i'm enjoying every single day of my hols. Spending time with the kids 24 hours! haha...