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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


wow...i've been quite busy this holiday. So many things happened yet so little motivation to sit down and write. Well, type actually. :-) To start with, my school holidays began on the 16th September which is a public holiday for Sabah and Sarawak, and also my only girl's birthday. We didn't hold any birthday bash for her this year. Just a simple outing and a small and private cake-cutting ceremony at home with family members. I can't upload the pics yet cos i didn't snap any. I have to get the pics from my sister. So, will have to postpone that.

Lisa is now 3 years old. Though very naughty and stubborn, we love her dearly. She's a funny and cheerful girl. Bubbly personality. After a year of trying to potty-trained her, now i can smile at her progress. I know some kids are fully potty-trained at 2. But i'm proud of my girl though she's quite slow in this aspect. At least now she has shown progress. Of course accidents do happen. Probably she was too caught up in the moment that she forgot to run to the toilet. But other times she did perfectly well. Peeing and pooing. She doesn't even need the 'make-believe' toilet. :-)

Other events: Hari Raya Open House. We visited a few relatives houses and friends. But i think I've too much of the food already. haha...Too full. By the end of the day, i almost vomited. Maybe my tummy is smaller now..*wink*

On the 21st September, my hubby's turn to blow the candle. hehe...I cooked special biryani rice, kurma and curry dishes. Again, just a simple family celebration. Will post some pics soon.


  1. hapy hols! busy is better than nothing to do.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. Hi betty!
    So..hubby is at home right now?happy for u.dont forget to take good care of urself,k.
    just enjoy the food and happy belated birthday to Lisa and ur hubby!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your 2 darlings :)

  4. Hi Tiee, happy birthday to your hubby. Wishing him the best of health and lots of laughter always.
    Okay, you kid now graduated to potty, can send your order to the Stork to bring another baby....ha ha.
    You enjoy the holidays and keep well, Lee.

  5. Hahaha! Uncle Lee, the Stork is one step ahead of her. She's already carrying another one!

  6. happy holiday..
    aikss. so fast over already..

  7. hi Tiee, u busy during the long weekend too.. time passed very fast, today i hv to get my lazy bones to wake up and get back to work this morning... but it is a bliss in the office too.. no cat to rule over the mice.. hahaa..

  8. The best chicken biryani I have ever tasted in Sabah happen to be the one you cooked for my birthday! True blue Hydrabadi Pakki Biryani with all the correct spices thrown in the right amounts! Never tasted anything better, should do it again!