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Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm now attending a course in Beverly Hotel Kota Kinabalu. So, nothing from me these few days except headache. hehe...of course i'm enjoying the bed, the gym and the food but i miss my kids so much. And my hubby as well...huhu...Anyway, i'm happy to be off from school for another two days. yay...I'll be back tomorrow and will keep this blog updated soon. Cheers for now...


  1. wow.. a nice breakaway... frankly, i avoid going for courses, esp outstation.. that makes me "outstanding" in the office,..when everyone looks forward to going courses, i love to stay back in the office..

  2. I like going for courses, especially if they are held in hotels. It gives me a break from the routine of going to work. And I like making friends during courses.

  3. Hi Tiee, you just stay easy....and have fun. Don't forget buy present for hubby, ha ha. Lee.